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Hoodwinked art workspace in intu Broadmarsh Nottingham

Watch the artists at work!

Hoodwinked artists will be busy painting their robin sculptures in intu Broadmarsh over the next few weeks. Why not drop by for a sneak preview of the trail?

The painting space opens on Thursday 3 May in a shop on the lower mall – look out for the Hoodwinked branding.

Nottingham artist Lissie Hollis will be the first to work in the space, on the opening day. She is painting a robin sponsored by G F Tomlinson Building.  Lissie says:

Lissie painting her Hoodwinked sculpture

Lissie painting her Hoodwinked sculpture

“My design includes stories of Nottingham’s past in illustrated forms: Robin Hood, Secret Caves, the Major Oak and Sherwood Forest. I’m very excited to paint a Robin as a Nottingham Local as I love bringing the city to life in my drawings. After graduating from Nottingham University I produced the Nottingham Colouring Book – it was this project that inspired my design featuring so many of Nottingham’s landmarks that I had already researched. I am very much inspired by local heritage: architecture, culture, landscapes and landmarks – and this city has lots of them!”


Other artists using the space will include Jess Kemp and Sarah Manton from Curious? Nottingham, creating a robin sponsored by Cavalry Design. Jess will also be creating a robin sponsored by Gateley Plc.  Spot them in the painting space during weeks beginning Tuesday 8 and Tuesday 15 May.

Lois Cordelia from Ipswich is a speed painter who will work in the shop week beginning Monday 14 May creating a sculpture sponsored by Benoy. Lois says:

“Speaking as a Wild in Art addict, I can’t wait to start painting my Robin for Hoodwinked. It means a lot to be part of this (my seventh public art trail), and I’m very grateful to Benoy for sponsoring Green Man of Sherwood Forest. I often link the Green Man with the legend of Robin Hood in Lincoln Green in my artwork. My partner Jason (appropriately also an archer) has kindly agreed to model for the Green Man.”

Over the moon

Adam Pekr of Inkversion will be creating a sculpture sponsored by intu Broadmarsh. Adam says:

“I am over the moon that I will bringing a design which feels so personal to me to life in such an exciting public context. I can’t wait to see each Robin as individuals and their relationship to each other within the city of Nottingham.”

Hoodwinked 2018 - A Twist on the Tale