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“We were really excited when we heard about Hoodwinked 2018 coming to the city, and we couldn’t resist getting involved with this fairytale-like trail.

“Robin Hood is synonymous with the city and for some it’s what brings them to visit Nottingham, which is of course great for The Cornerhouse, and the local economy, so it seemed only natural to get involved with a campaign promoting a figure that has provided so much for the city.

“Art should be celebrated wherever possible, and this is a great initiative to give it a platform in the city. The scheme provides the public and artists the chance to express themselves and become a part of Nottingham’s culture, and that’s something we’re thrilled to help facilitate.”

Suzanne Green, centre manager for The Cornerhouse, Nottingham’s leading leisure and entertainment complex.

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Hoodwinked 2018 - A Twist on the Tale

Hoodwinked 2018 – A Twist on the Tale