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Flocks of robins

Flocks of robins on the way

Children across Nottingham will be creating flocks of robins to celebrate Hoodwinked, the city’s summer sculpture trail.

Whether they are made from paper, cardboard, fabric, clay or recycled materials, the flocks will be a welcome addition to Nottingham’s robin-themed summer.

Hoodwinked is a twist on the tale of Robin Hood, with 33 large robin sculptures taking up residence in the city centre from 7 July to 30 September. Fifty four city schools are joining in by creating BookBenches for display in the city’s neighbourhood libraries and leisure centres as well as in city centre venues.

Making flocks of robins is an open invitation to every school, whether or not they are making BookBenches.


The flocks initiative is led by ChalleNGe, Nottingham’s Cultural Education Partnership.

Marisa Blissett, Co-ordinator for ChalleNGe, says:

“It’s a brilliant opportunity for children to get creative and produce a robin for their local flock.  The robins can be any size, be painted, collaged, 2D, 3D. . . . as grand or as modest as they wish.  They can be made individually, as a collaborate piece, by everyone in the school, a single class or an art club.  The flocks of robins can then be displayed wherever works best – on a shelf, hanging from the ceiling, outside or inside.”

Schools will be encouraged to share their flocks with others, inviting parents, families and other schools to see their work.

Libraries will offer summer craft sessions where children can make a robin for their local library’s flock.


Law firm Browne Jacobson is the Teaching Support Partner for Hoodwinked and is also a steering committee member of ChalleNGe.

Susan Mabbott, Head of Insurance and Public Risk at Browne Jacobson, is a Governor at Glade Hill School in Bestwood Park. She says:

“It’s really exciting to see so many children accessing cultural education and using the Hoodwinked sculpture trail as a vehicle to broaden access to cultural activities across the city.  We will be delighted to see these flocks take flight!”

Councillor Dave Trimble, Nottingham City Council’s Portfolio Holder for Leisure and Localities, says:

“I’d love to see creative flocks of robins over the whole city. What a great way for everyone to contribute to this brilliant Hoodwinked summer of fun!”

Hoodwinked is led by Nottingham City Council in partnership with Wild in Art, a leading producer of public art sculpture trails across the UK and overseas.


Hoodwinked 2018 - A Twist on the Tale